Sheer brilliance in cabled glass façades
Materials Data
•   maximum dimensions 2 x 3m, composite or glass
  materials with scope for range of thicknesses

Fibre Cable:
•   diameter nominal: 28mm
•   core material : Aramid HM
•   cover material (optional finish and colour)
•   tensile strength: 2760 N/mm2
•   modulus of elasticity: 120,000 N/mm2
•   elongation at break (yield): 2.1%
•   density: 1.44 g/cc
•   creep rate: 0.02 %/decade
•   fire resistance: fibre will not melt or sustain combustion
  but starts to carbonize at 425 oC.
•   damage protection (optional)
•   thermal movement: very low shrinkage at high
  temperatures with a thermal coefficient of -2 x 10-6/ºC in
  the fibre direction and is linear in the range 20-400/ºC
•   electrical: non conductive
•   chemical resistance: resistant to common solvents, oils,
  greases and water. At 200C, resistance to acids and
  bases is also good, requires strong solutions or
  elevated temperatures to impact adversely
•   fatigue: In tension-tension fatigue has an outstanding
  performance, load cycles of 5% to 50% of its break
  strength, the fibre survives 10 million cycles. Low
  creep of ARAMID ensures an exceptionally long life under
  continuous load. At 50% of break load ARAMID has a
  predicted life of more than 100 years
•   optical fibre diagnostics
•   certification: proof tested to design specification

•   stainless stee
•   rated for maximum safe working load 200kN
•   certification: proof tested to design specification

cable clamp:
•   body: investment cast Stainless steel 316
•   cover plate: machined Stainless steel 316
•   fastenings: M10 (socket head) Stainless steel 316
•   gasket: shore hardness 50
•   attachment options: truss, solar blind, cover plate
  design and finishing


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